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Our Groups

Since 1991, TPG has been bringing IT leaders together to solve problems, develop best practices, and put more to the bottom line. Our IT peer groups are a safe environment to share new ideas and compare your business to other companies in your field who don't compete in your geography.

And unlike other peer groups, we don't just work with the CEO.  TPG has 7 different levels of peer groups from CEOs and COOs to sales, help desk, projects, strategy, and more. All designed to help your team work better together


The True Profit Group FAQ


How does it work?

True Profit Groups holds in-person meetings 1-3 times a year for each operational group.  In between meetings, groups are in constant communication via our TPG portal and through routine video conference calls. Members share ideas, best practices, and benchmarked financial metrics.


Where are the meetings held?

Meetings rotate between East Coast and West Coast cities.


How many TPG members are there?

Each TPG member chapter consists of 9-11 MSPs in geographically diverse areas. The chapters come together a few times a year for a few joint meetings, but mostly you’ll be with a tight-knit group of MSP owners and operators who are roughly the same size.


What’s the commitment?

Everything in TPG is month to month. You’re under no obligation to continue if you have a change in your business situation or if you aren’t happy with the value you’re getting.


How do I become a member?

Click here to fill out the contact form. You’ll receive a phone call from one of our partners - not an admin or a salesperson. After we talk about the program you can decide if you’d like to attend your first meeting for free - you only pay for your lodging and travel expenses.

Data = Insight

Everything we do at TPG is based in fact. Numbers, metrics, key performance indicators, and hands-on experience all combine to give you a true picture of what will move the needle in your business. No more guessing about what works.



How do we stack up against other peer groups?


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